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Compiling Source Codes

After a bit of help from the Spiderweb Software forums I have been able to compile all of the source code that is currently open source. I am using the source code that Ormus ported to the world of Windows 32-bit.  Those forums will give you an idea of what the changes in my versions are.

First up is the Blades of Exile Scenario Editor, my version can be found at:

Source code and resources that I am using:

I have adapted the Windows 3D Editor for Blades of Avernum, it is meant to be a tool for porting BoE scenarios to the Avernum world and for helping standard BoE scenario design, this version is called the BoE Zoom Editor:

Other projects:

The PC Editor:

The Blades of Exile game:

The upgraded 3D BoA Editor

Currently I am working on v1.1, which will use a lot of Geneforge graphics.  This version should feature plenty of hasty chops and changes, poorly thought - out retrofitting and more.  When Avernum 5 finally comes out for Windows I should be able to find a set of proper graphics.

At last the unofficial port of the Exile scenario River and Leaf:

Currently there is only a Windows version available on this site.


Here is the latest edition of v1.1, it is the same scenario but done with more Geneforge and Avernum 4 graphics:


Shadow of the Stranger

Here are some notes to enable decryption of an exs file, in order to correct errors in a password protected file: